Liberating the Adult Within

I wrote my book, Liberating The Adult Within,  Simon & Schuster in the late 1980s shortly after I began my  own private practice. I looked at the people that sat in front of me and realized that what I had been taught could not possibly be correct. I did not see did see masochism, self-sabotaging or regressive behavior. I did see good people who seemed to be stuck in patterns that were causing them pain. My intuition told me that something was happening in the brain that was causing this suffering. I hypothesized that the human brain had not evolved to distinguish stress from danger and as a result when people were stressed the stress signals went to the primitive fight/fright/freeze part of the brain causing us to react with too much intensity and melodrama. I called this reflex “emotional dyslexia,” because it is a physiological not a psychological response because the  stress signals to go to the wrong part of the brain. As a result we react in ways that are the opposite of what we really need in order to deal with stress.

Although the prevailing science said that our brains could not change past age seven being an optimist I believed that we could train our brains to send stress signals to the highest centers of our brain. My book  reflects the system I developed to teach people to recognize when they were having an irrational fear response so that  they could engage their cognitive abilities to form reactions that reflected our strengths.

When I first published  my book  there were no other books on the shelf that taught people how to change their brains. It is a very exciting time for me because today the bookshelves are crowded with wonderful information about how to rewire your brain. Books like “The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge,” ” Super Brain” by Rudolf Tenza and Deepak Chopra and “Evolve Your Brain,” Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and “You are the Placebo” by Joe Dispenza, lend support and credibility to the work  I have been doing since the late 1980s.