Attain and Maintain a Fulfilling Relationship

Imagine knowing how to:

  • Invite last thing intimacy into your life
  • Create a satisfying relationship
  • Attract and be attracted to people who meet your needs
  • Overcome feelings of anxiety and rejection

This workshop will give you the information you need to “demystify” the process of falling in staying in love. You will learn “the skills of intimacy,” that will allow you to both attain and maintain a truly satisfying relationship.

Most people don’t realize that we actually have brain patterns that work like stealth missiles leading us to candidates for romantic relationships. These patterns can also cause us to distort our own at each other’s behavior because they were formed early in our childhood and may not reflect what will satisfy us now. You will learn to create new brain patterns that will automatically sharpen your ability to pick a satisfying partner and deepen a loving connection over time.

In this workshop, you will learn specific skills to:

  • Create a more positive sense of yourself so you feel deserving of a fulfilling relationship
  • Use your friendships and other positive relationships to help you enhance your self-esteem
  • Replace feelings of rejection with an understanding of why a • Develop visualizations and meditations that prepare your brain and nervous system to accept and invite greater intimacy and satisfaction
  • Enhance your communication skills so you can create deeper connections
  • Create a realistic and attainable model of a satisfying relationship
  • Learn how to deal with inevitable differences while still maintaining an intimate connection.