Conquer Your Addictions and Obsessions

No one chooses to suffer from addictive patterns. They are too fundamentally painful to be a deliberate or conscious choice. Any yet, we continue this roller-coaster ride like gerbils on a wheel day after day, year after year. These knee-jerk, unpleasant actions only become conditioned patterns when we don’t have our basic needs met.

In this workshop you will learn how to overcome eating disorders, and addictions, such as: alcohol, drugs, shopping, relationships, etc. You will begin to transform these and other compulsive behaviors by learning how to rewire your brain and replace them with alternative patterns that are truly gratifying.

This is not another form of psychotherapy but rather an approach based on cutting-edge scientific research that allows you to transform your behavior quickly and permanently.

learn how to:

  • Create new empowering patterns so you don’t feel like a victim to your addictive impulses
  • Discover positive resources that create gratifying choices
  • Cope effectively with both the biological urges and the irrational emotional triggers that lead to unwanted behavior\
  • Train your brain to react differently to these triggers
  • Replace thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have kept you trapped with ones that are more pleasant and beneficial
  • Liberate yourself from the painful reflexive behavior that makes you feel out of control and prevents you from living the creative, satisfying life you deserve