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How to...

  • Find a relationship
  • Improve your marriage
  • Be single with dignity
  • Overcome negative thinking and depression
  • Overcome the stress of loneliness
  • Learn to have more intimacy
  • Cope with illness
  • Heal loss
  • Maintain your adultness when you relate to your parents
  • Mourn and release old disappointments with your parents
  • Cope with single stress
  • Create successful friendships
  • Overcome fear and anxiety
  • Discover how to develop solid and lasting self-esteem
  • Overcome any addictive behavior
  • Overcome obsessive and compulsive behavior
  • Learn parenting skill
  • Heal past pain
  • Enhance professional skills
  • Overcome eating disorders
  • Become more successful and fulfilled in your work
  • Transform conflicts into productive communications
  • Cope effectively with current world tensions
  • Deal with the stress of illness, yours or a loved ones
  • Learn the power of compassion
  • Learn how to handle your most intense feelings, such are rage, jealousy, self-blame, loneliness anxiety
  • Learn how to replace the behavior that makes you feel out of control with behavior that is effective

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