How to Deal with Anxiety in a New Way

Unfortunately, you grew up in a judgmental and critical culture, which by definition creates anxiety. How could you not be anxious if every time you make a mistake or you overreact you anticipate being criticized or diminished?


How to Transform Emotional Dyslexia and Become Empowered

My approach to creating change is based on the belief that all living organisms have one innate desire and that is for growth. I have dedicated myself to both identifying and removing any interferences to this innate drive for mastery.


Eliminate Feelings of Shame, Embarassment and Awkwardness

Too often we give our power away and inadvertently, lose our sense of worthiness in the process. Our culture hasn’t been able to teach you what it means to be truly powerful. As a result, you may often feel diminished unnecessarily. Our culture didn’t understand that it is every child’s birthright to feel unconditionally loved.