As a culture we have experienced a dramatic transformation in the traditional rolls assigned to men and women. As these rapid changes took place over the last several years, as a culture we did know that we needed to take the time to fully explore each of our unique strengths, utilize our individual resources in order to become fully liberated as women and as men. Had we done so, we would not be in the social predicament we are experiencing now.

Without this exploration, statistics show that both sexes feel pressured and confused, suffering from more stress related illnesses than ever before. There is a greater sense of isolation, an increase in depression and a surge in our divorce rate.

It’s time to stop the escalation of these factors, and create a new paradigm.

learn to rewire our brains and reverse these trends. explore how to:

  • Benefit from our individual uniqueness
  • Celebrate our differences so we can enhance the quality of each others lives
  • Understand the male and female ” psyche” in order to relate to each other in a more satisfying way . . . have more fun in the process
  • Develop a sense of humor about our differences
  • Discover our common desires and goals
  • Learn to communicate in a way that invites more understanding and intimacy
  • Become more creative in defining a sense of empowerment that celebrates differences while promoting dignity

I invite you to come alone or bring your significant other