In her book, Liberating The Adult Within, published by Simon & Schuster, Kramer explains her discovery of a reflex she calls Emotional Dyslexia, a revolutionary, scientific explanation of the physiological process that interferes with lasting personal change. Her groundbreaking programs for individuals, couples, families, medical professionals and educators emphasize trust, empathy and the bonds that unite us.

When she first published her book Liberating the Adult Within there were no other books on the shelf that taught people how to change their brains. Today, the bookshelves are crowded with wonderful information about how to rewire your brain. Books like The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, Super Brain by Rudolf Tenza and Deepak Chopra, and Evolve Your Brain, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and You are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza, lend support and credibility to the work that she has been doing since the late 1980s.