Phantom Emotions


HELEN Kramer Guides us Past Triggers from Childhood, Liberating Us from Pain and Suffering

Renowned author, therapist and healer Helen Kramer created the term “phantom emotions,” to describe emotional reactions from childhood that persist and get triggered, causing us a great deal of unnecessary pain-and-suffering. Kramer’s term is inspired by the medical term “phantom limb,” describing the phenomenon that happens when a person has a limb, breast, eye, or tooth removed - people often experience sensations in these body parts that are no longer present.

Just as the cells in our brains memorize ghostlike experiences of physical pain, our brain and nervous system can hardwire phantom memories of painful experiences from childhood that are no longer there.

For the first time, Kramer spoke about her “phantom emotion” theory in public at The Assemblage Nomad and revealed newly developed tools for dissolving these ghost-like emotional patterns. Through tailor-made visualizations, mantras and meditations, informed by cutting-edge research, Kramer taught attendees how to identify these phantom emotions and how to replace them and live as the empowered, confident adults they have always desired to be. According to Kramer, all of our addictions, compulsions, and obsessions are the result of the persistence of these phantom emotions and are attempts to escape or release us from the pain we feel when these patterns are triggered.