It has been my greatest pleasure for the past thirty years to teach people how to live in love.


Haven’t you experienced how good it feels when you are being loved? How about when you are loving toward yourself or someone else? Since we know how good it feels to live this way, why is it so difficult for us to attain and sustain these wonderful feelings?

Like all living species in order to survive we have to have a very sensitive fear response. As we mature we need to be taught how to engage the neo-cortex and form responses that are more creative and allow us to engage the problem-solving parts of our brain. When we don’t, we are often triggered into fearfulness, especially when we are stressed. We contract and end up suffering from feelings of unworthiness, self-criticism, anxiety or depression. We want to feel more loving and fulfilled but end up feeling diminished. We feel guilty or blame ourselves, or others for our suffering.

How do we stop being plagued by these feelings?

I am dedicated to helping people replace fear-based and limiting reactions with more expansive, loving and compassionate responses. I have developed a pragmatic and accessible form of “emotional education,” that will give you the tools you need to transform any pattern that is causing you pain or discomfort. Neuroscience has shown us that it may be easier to change patterns of depression and anxiety than it is to change patterns of how we love. My approach will help you in all areas of your life. I’ve been privileged to see people dramatically change their brains replacing painful emotional patterns with patterns of calm, joy, love and creativity. My tools accelerate this process by exercising your brain and nervous system, allowing you to permanently “anchor in” these changes.

Together, with compassion and humor we can dissolve any and all irrational fears that keep you from being loved and loving, joyful and fulfilled in every area of your life.