“Helen Kramer is a master therapist. She has the capacity to zone in and understand the depth of pain and discomfort one is experiencing like no other person I have known. Her ability to get to the root of an issue quickly, dig into the sore spot and extract the venom is phenomenal. I highly recommend her method, her humanity and her expertise as someone you want to surgically remove your emotional discomfort.”  AA, NYC


“When I first met Helen she told me that I could change any pattern in my life that was troubling me. Of course, I was both skeptical and hopeful because I had tried therapy in the past and read so many self-help books and nothing seemed to change my painful relationships with men. She gave me concrete tools that made me feel better about myself, improved all of my relationships and ultimately led me to the most joyful, loving relationship of my life. Helen is the most accepting, nonjudgmental person I’ve ever met. Her compassion is inspirational. She is truly unconditionally accepting and taught me how to love myself and love and be loved by others more deeply. I don’t know of any greater gift.”  JER, NYC


“You don’t meet many Helen Kramer’s in one lifetime.  Helen is a mixture of loving support and science. That’s what’s so intriguing. She is cutting edge and yet feels like the favorite Aunt you may or may not have had the pleasure to know in your life. She never misses a beat, is an excellent teacher and has a calming quality about her. She reminds you that you are safe and helps you to learn to live a more fulfilling and loving existence.” MM, Italy


“Helen helps you see yourself for who you actually are.  She works with you to remove layers of insecurity, self-doubt and irrational thinking, to reveal your inner strength and truest person.  She teaches you how our brains can sometimes trick us into thinking we are less than we are, or are unable to do something or be someone.  Helens helps you avoid those delusions, and corresponding behaviors, that hold us back.  

Most importantly, she helps guide you to your own discoveries, rather than spouting her professional conclusions, which gives you the tools to successfully deal with challenges on your own (when you are outside of sessions).  

 Helen is deeply compassionate, extremely intelligent and highly intuitive, and has transformed how I think about myself, and how I approach everything in my life – from love and family, to work and friendships.” JH,NYC


“Helen connected the dots and gave me more tools in our first session then I had in my previous nine years of therapy. I couldn’t believe how quicklymy depression began to melt away and I was finally able to move out of a painful obsessive romantic relationship. Helen possesses a rare combination of intelligence, intuition and compassion and I found working with her inspirational. She taught me pragmatic tools that I can use in my life outside of our work together so that I feel more powerful and capable than I have ever felt. It’s as if I have finally come home to myself and have become the person I always longed to be.” SM, New Jersey


“A friend of mine gave me a special gift, a session with Helen. Because I live in California we were only able to work on the phone. I was skeptical that a phone session could help me because at the time I was extremely depressed and hopeless. Helen had the ability to quickly get me in touch with positive feelings that I didn’t even know existed anymore. She gave me the tools to build on these feelings so that they began to permeate my life. I had tried therapy so many times before working with Helen and I don’t think I would’ve tried again if I hadn’t been given the gift of my first session. Her combination of kindness, compassion and expertise in creating meaningful tools has truly transformed my life.” MAL, San Francisco



"When I look back at our first session with Helen I’m afraid that my wife and I could write about anything written in 'Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.' Helen quickly got us in touch with the pain below our fighting, pain that only existed because of our desire to have a loving connection. She gave us the tools we needed to change the patterns in our relating and to communicate in ways that created the intimacy and joy that we both desired." AK, New York City


"My husband and I were living like friends who amiably divided household tasks and the parenting of our two children. But there was none of the deep passion, intimacy and laughter that first brought us together. Helen was able to teach us how to connect to the profound love that we had experienced early on but didn’t know how to maintain. Our love has only grown deeper." CC New Jersey


LOVing, intimate relationships

"When we came to see Helen it was because our 15-year-old daughter was cutting school and had become so defiant we didn’t even recognize her. Helen was able to teach us how to understand that our daughter was in pain and gave us the tools to access her distress. She taught us all how to relate to each other with dignity and compassion and quickly created more loving and intimate relationships with one another. There are no words to describe the joy we feel because were able to actualize the love we have always had for one another." LD New York City


 "As a single parent with two teenage boys I often felt overwhelmed and frightened because of their risky behavior. Helen was never judgmental but skillfully showed each of us how our behavior was unintentionally provocative. Helen was always compassionate and her strength and intelligence made us feel safe enough to develop new ways of being with one another. There are no words to describe our gratitude." DF Brooklyn New York



"Helen taught us 'empathic communication.' Not only did this enhance the way we related to one another but it created a stronger bond between us and our clients and allowing us to win new business. Her deep understanding of how to create successful relationships taught us so much professionally and as a bonus it also deepened our personal relationships. We never imagined that hiring a consultant could have such profound changes in our lives." AB New York City


"When I first contacted Helen I was in a panic because several of my key employees had quit and I was afraid of losing more good people. Helen had an incisive way of identifying problem areas and created an atmosphere that allowed people to express their differences without becoming adversarial. With Helen’s skillful guidance I learned to listen to my employees in a new way and they were able to do the same with me. As a result my stress evaporated and we developed an atmosphere of, trust, loyalty and enthusiasm. Work became fun again and the icing on the cake was increased profitability." RL CEO New York City