How does it make you feel when people are judgmental, critical, and competitive? Haven’t we been guilty of these attitudes ourselves? Without fail, these pervasive reactions diminish an opportunity for deeper connections and exciting collaborations.

As a result, we often become uncomfortable because we don’t want to engage in conflicts that will lead to hostility or breaches in our relationships. This discomfort frequently leads us to avoid direct communication or to overreact when others don’t support our point of view.

How many times have we dealt with differences by trying to be “right” or “winning”. This stance inhibits the opportunity for closeness and collaboration in both our personal and professional lives.

Taking the Conflict Out of Conflict workshop will give you specific tools for circumventing unnecessary conflicts in all of your interactions.

You will also learn to:

  • Create an environment that encourages a feeling of safety and openness when inevitable differences arise
  • Avoid emotional reactions that interfere with productive communication
  • Invite a positive response
  • Approach differences in a way that affirms your own and others’ dignity
  • Establish a compassionate connection that allows for both exploration and resolution of differences
  • Discover the positive intent (positive motivation) in your own behavior and in the behavior of anyone you are dealing with
  • “Peel the onion” and find common ground below the superficial differences
  • Establish positive connections so you can problem solve with integrity