Redefining Therapy + Healing, a Dual Approach


When I combine both my approach to redefining therapy and healing, there is an incredible synergy. In my experience with numerous healing approaches, even dramatic healings can be undone if a person returns to old patterns in their daily lives. Working with clients to change their daily limitations, and often fear-based patterns, has two important effects:

1) I help clients remove any conditioned patterns that would interfere with holding a healing transformation.

2) By removing limiting thought patterns and behaviors, my clients who were not originally open to exploring healing practices started to open up to receiving energy healing naturally.

Creating new, daily patterns and transformations opens people up to receiving the effects of healing energy, allowing them to maintain tremendous energetic shifts as they change their daily patterns to sustain these higher states of being. Similarly, if I work with people on changing their daily patterns, they will open up to the healing even if when I first started working with them they had doubts about whether healing was really possible.