Help people remove any interferences that prior work was not able to reach. For example, we all carry interferences from ancestral experiences, past lives, psychic connections, etc. The protocols I have learned can energetically heal any physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, or financial issues.


As a practitioner of morphic awakening, I have learned how to be a conduit, transmitting healing energy from consciousness to help clients fulfill their infinite potential. As with other healing modalities, such as shamanism or reiki, I have learned how to receive this information and channel it to create healing for my clients. When I heal, I am connecting to the oneness that we all are. My ego dissolves, I don’t rely on the limited information contained in my conditioned brain but receive infinite wisdom from consciousness.  


The hardest part of doing healing work is to let go of your ego and not go into any thought patterns to affect change in a client. Growing up in this culture, we are not taught that consciousness, or if you prefer terms like God or Spirit, is benevolent and infinitely loving and powerful, and contains all the information we need to transform and remove anything blocking us in all aspects of our lives.


With my approach, people feel supported and empowered in ways they never experienced before. People feel lighter and more loving, open and creative. In the healing work, we can raise the frequency of any issue, and when this happens people attract higher frequency relationships and experiences into their lives. These more fulfilling opportunities and relationships arise without any work or effort.

People learn how to receive without pushing and being afraid that they can’t get what they need. They experience how much is available to them, and they learn how to open up and accept the gifts that consciousness has to offer. It’s like taking off straitjacket, removing a blindfold, pulling out earplugs and welcoming a beautiful and magical world with infinite possibilities. Personally, the riches I have experienced are beyond anything I ever imagined was possible and these gifts keep expanding, deepening, and continually transform my life on every level.