Redefining Therapy

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Evolving the Brain

I began developing a body of work in the late 1980s based on an intuition that I had that the human brain had evolved for survival, but not for quality-of-life. As a result, we have survived as a species, but if we want to have a fulfilling quality-of-life, we have to learn how to “evolve” our brains to thrive and not just survive.  

Changing Brain Patterns

I have identified five major obstacles to change and have developed specific and accessible tools for removing these interferences so that we can all obtain the richness in our lives we truly desire. I recognized that the field of psychology had been misled by the fact that these interferences impacted us emotionally and treated the psychological symptoms without transforming the underlying physiological causes. In essence, if you don’t understand and address the underlying problems, you can’t fix them in a lasting way. Most psychotherapy dealt with symptoms that resulted from these physiological issues but focusing on past pain and trauma did not change the physiological reflexes and patterns that were hardwired into the brain and so they would get triggered over and over again.

Brain Rewiring

I found that by teaching people how to rewire their brain and nervous system they were able to create fulfilling thoughts and behavioral patterns to replace the old painful, reflexive patterns that had been hardwired in as infants and young children. They learned empowering tools they could easily employ in every area of their lives. This approach is considerably faster than any of the psychotherapeutic approaches I studied and provided clients with the tools they need to use on a daily basis so that their change process is maintained and continues as new challenges arise in their lives.  

I don’t believe that anybody wants to suffer and that the only reason we do is because our brains haven’t evolved to support us in attaining a more fulfilling quality-of-life. We also suffer from conditioned patterns that we learned from the adults in our lives who also were limited by an imperfect brain.

Emotional Education

Understanding what interferes with our brain changing has allowed me to develop specific tools for overriding and replacing any behavior that impedes our living life fully. I began to replace the therapeutic approach I had studied with what I call “emotional education.” I work with my clients to teach them how to replace conditioned patterns that are causing them pain or discomfort with patterns that fulfill their innate desire to be liberated, joyful loving and peaceful human beings. I also teach them the skills they need for effective communication in their personal and professional lives.