I believe we all can achieve fulfillment, and become liberated from suffering to be our best selves.


1 - Identify the positive intent.

Positive intent is always the motivation for all behavior, both for ourselves and others. In doing so, we are connected to ourselves and each other in a compassionate, affirming way.

2 - Remove the obstacles in the way of actualizing our positive intent.

I believe one of our greatest obstacles is that we have a brain that has not evolved to tell the difference between stress and danger, often reacting ineffectively with too much intensity and drama, depleting us of our resources.

3 - Help people connect to their unique resources, developing new patterns to transform painful and fearful behaviors.

My work in emotional education allows people to replace the faulty learning they received from our unsophisticated, fear-driven culture, with compassionate and loving responses.


I share accessible and pragmatic tools and resources.

People can bring these tools and resources to their daily lives to transform their behaviors and emotional reactions.

I believe we all have a richness of resources helps people discover the richness of their own resources.