Corporations face unique challenges as they endeavor to integrate their desire to increase profitability while simultaneously creating an atmosphere that promotes innovation. The three fundamental elements that are described under the heading of individual sessions are applied to the corporate environment. When this happens an atmosphere is created that not only is conducive for increased profitability and innovation but a culture develops that allows for greater cooperation and satisfaction.

Brain Rewiring

In a challenging economy, many work environments are incredibly stressful. Because our brains have not evolved to distinguish stress from danger, stress signals often go to the instinctual fight/flight/ or freeze part of the brain. When this happens we literally have no access to the higher centers of our brain. We become overly reactive and are triggered into childlike responses. Though brain rewiring, we can learn how to recognize these stress signals, consciously move them to higher centers of our brain, create productive emotional reactions and develop creative solutions.

Communication Skills

In order to communicate effectively we need to understand our own brain style. Only then, can we maximize the “up” side and minimize the “down” side of this style. Similarly, we can avoid frustrating miscommunications when we learn to understand the brain styles of the people we interact with on a regular basis. Learning effective communication skills invites a positive response. We begin to work more collaboratively and fulfill our goals. We become more empowered and find more pleasure and fulfillment in our work environment.

Learning compassion and empathy

Learning to "rewire" our brains and develop more effective patterns of communication releases us from feelings of guilt and blame. Experiencing these changes in ourselves and in others allows us to fully appreciate that our past difficulties were never intentional. We were never trying to sabotage ourselves or create suffering, we simply were not taught to respond more effectively. As we replace unproductive and ineffective patterns with more satisfying and creative ones we naturally develop of greater sense of compassion and empathy.

I know how important support has been in my own transformation and I want to support you in any way that I can. I have worked with people all over the world and can be available in person, on the phone or through Skype. Please check out my website I have written a number of blogs to give you more tools for liberation and fulfillment. Feel free to contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Helen taught us “empathic communication.” Not only did this enhance the way we related to one another but it created a stronger bond between us and our clients and allowing us to win new business. Her deep understanding of how to create successful relationships taught us so much professionally and as a bonus it also deepened our personal relationships. We never imagined that hiring a consultant could have such profound changes in our lives.
— AB New York City
When I first contacted Helen I was in a panic because several of my key employees had quit and I was afraid of losing more good people. Helen had an incisive way of identifying problem areas and created an atmosphere that allowed people to express their differences without becoming adversarial. With Helen’s skillful guidance I learned to listen to my employees in a new way and they were able to do the same with me. As a result my stress evaporated and we developed an atmosphere of, trust, loyalty and enthusiasm. Work became fun again and the icing on the cake was increased profitability.
— RL, CEO, New York City