Positive Thinking


Our brains evolved so that we would have an instantaneous response to danger and that is how our species survived. But how often have you actually been in a life-threatening situation? Isn’t stress a more prevalent experience for you?


Freedom from Self-Doubt: When to Take a Critical Break

Listen to the audio from this event at The Assemblage. In this workshop, I provided a comprehensive understanding of both the physiological and social interferences to living an empowered and fearless life. You will gain specific tools for cultivating the energy we need while eliminating what we don’t.

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Attaining and Maintaining Intimate Relationships

Every behavior has a positive intent in a matter what the outcome is. Your parents didn’t have the ability to give you unconditional love because they didn’t have it either as is the case with the vast majority of the people you know.


Rewire Your Brain and Attract More Love into Your Life

Why do we have difficulty attracting the right people into our lives? We end up being attracted to people whose brains matchup with the patterns we experienced early in life. Read this full post for tools and tips on "rewiring" your brain.