How to Deal with Anxiety in a New Way

Unfortunately, you grew up in a judgmental and critical culture is by definition creates anxiety. How could you not be anxious if every time you make a mistake or you overreact you anticipate being criticized or diminished. As a result you are probably self-critical and critical of others even if you don’t voice your criticism out loud you have been conditioned to see other people’s imperfections in a diminishing way.

It is really our true nature to be compassionate and empathic human beings. We even have developed something called empathy or mirror neurons that allows us to feel each other’s experience so that we can respond in a caring way. We evolve these neurons because our species survives better when we can take care of each other.

Our culture has had things ass backwards and as a result you have been conditioned to be competitive more peaceful when it is infinitely more satisfying to be cooperative. You actually feel stronger and when you give and receive support. You have been conditioned to live in a way that is unnatural and doesn’t resonate with your true nature which is to be compassionate and to thrive when you receive compassion from others. So I would like you for a moment just to imagine what it would have been like if as a child, every time you made a mistake, every time you failed to reach a desired goal, you had somebody who could relate to you with compassion and support…Someone who would say things like:

“I am sure that whatever went wrong it is not because you had a desire to hurt yourself.” “I know that you were not deliberately trying to cause yourself pain.”

Someone who would antidote your tendency to describe yourself as “lazy,” “stupid,” or “self-destructive, when because you are human you inevitably made mistakes…

Replacing these self-critical reactions with empathic responses like: “you probably made a mistake because you didn’t know how to do things differently” “You must have been stressed and weren’t thinking clearly…” Or ” You might have gotten anxious and didn’t make the best choice…”

You can practice treating yourself like you would treat a precious child in your life or very good friend. It would be very helpful if you could remember a time when you were very self-critical and now imagine being compassionate to yourself in the way that you would be to friend or precious child in your life. If you have memories of people being compassionate to you, resurrect these memories and let yourself really absorb and internalize this lovely compassionate energy.If you and to do all the critical and self-critical responses from the past with more compassionate ones you will eliminate your anxiety and replace it with peacefulness and joy.

I would love to share with you an approach that has helped thousands of people replace conditioned patterns that caused them pain with new patterns that create feelings of self-esteem, peace and joy. I would love to partner with you and create an atmosphere of genuine compassion and acceptance in which you can learn the very specific tools you need to transform your behavior. Making the YouTube videos and writing these blogs has truly been a labor of love for me because the world could be infinitely more joyful as more and more people learn how to live from their hearts. I know how important me to receive compassion and unconditional love and without it I could not have become the liberated, joyful and loving person I am today. It would be my great pleasure to help you become the person you have always wanted to be. Feel free to contact me at here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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