Listen to the Audio from Our Event: Freedom from Self-Doubt -- When to Take a Break from Criticism at The Assemblage Nomad 1/29


Dear friends,

On January 29, 2019, we gathered at The Assemblage Nomad for Chapter three: a journey towards critical awareness and creating space for the love we all deserve.

In this workshop, I provided a comprehensive understanding of both the physiological and social interferences to living an empowered and fearless life.

In case you missed it listen to the audio — you will gain specific tools for cultivating the energy we need while eliminating what we don’t.

We all want to be able to love ourselves and to attract more love into our lives, and yet we sometimes find it so difficult to sustain feeling of being lovable. We've been conditioned to use judgment and criticism as a way of improving ourselves. This is a common trick our brains use to protect us, but it often only gets in our way.

We sometimes fail to realize that these behaviors actually drain the energy we need to be the inviting, loving and creative human beings we desire to be.

I shared accessible and effective tools for transforming any limiting patterns that have interfered with you loving yourself fully, and for inviting others to do the same.