The Power of Compassion - The Most Important Tool for Empowerment

Our species has survived because we are able to feel compassion and empathy allowing us to support and care for one another. This is our true nature and I believe are a number of things that interfere with our living in harmony with this nature. The first interference is that we have a brain that is wired to have a hair-trigger response to fear. Because our brains haven’t evolved to tell the difference between stress and danger our stress signals are hijacked and sent to the fight/flight/freeze part of the brain were all our childhood memories and traumas are stored. We are then triggered into irrational fear responses which diminish our capacity for compassionate responses.

If your parents didn’t receive all the compassion and empathy they deserved they didn’t have it to give to you. At your core you have always been worthy but as a child if you didn’t receive all the support and unconditional love you deserved you didn’t get to feel how lovable you are. As a result you often don’t feel truly worthy and this can be deeply disturbing and even frightening. Our culture hasn’t understood that we are most powerful when we are compassionate and loving. These are our natural states of being these states of being and when we are heart centered we actually turn off the centers in our brain that trigger us into irrational fearfulness. Without this understanding of what makes us truly powerful we have received what I call “faulty learning.” We are all trying to feel good about ourselves but this faulty learning has caused us to become critical and judgmental as if we can feel better about ourselves by judging and criticizing others. Or we become obsessed with looking good, being successful or accumulating wealth but even when these states are attained they don’t give us the deep sense of peace that we can only get from experiencing unconditional love.

Our culture doesn’t teach us that real power comes when you are connected to your natural state of compassion, empathy and love. From this natural state experience joy, peace, gratitude or appreciation and you actually turn off the fear centers in your brain. These fear centers are only supposed to be in play when we are actually in mortal danger. When we are fear part of our brain we have no access to the higher centers of our brain which is what we really need in order to problem solve on we are stressed. When you are “heart centered,” not only do you turn off the fear centers of your brain and have full brainpower but you also have the power of feeling love and compassion for yourself and others.

I would love to share with you an approach that has helped thousands of people replace conditioned patterns that caused them pain with new patterns that create feelings of self-esteem, peace and joy. I consider my work with people partnership and I create an atmosphere of genuine compassion and acceptance in which you can learn the very specific tools you need to transform your behavior. I know how important it was for me to be liberated by somebody who responded to me with unconditional love and compassion.. I would like to pass this gift onto you. It would be my great pleasure to help you become the person you have always wanted to be. Feel free to contact me at here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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