Helen Kramer Quoted in Recovery.org on Stress + Substance Abuse

Image from Recovery.org

Image from Recovery.org

In an article by Helaina Hovitz for Recovery.org, Helen responds to the question, "Should You Smoke Weed With Your Kid – Even if They’re 18?"

Here is the excerpt by Hovitz:

Helen reminds us, though substances are used to temporarily alleviate underlying distress, they are not intrinsically capable of eliminating the problem, so they need to be repeated over and over again. This gives temporary relief, but the underlying discomfort only grows. And now there is an additional problem – the problem of addiction.

“Most parents are also lacking these tools and need to look in the mirror and see if there are any issues that they are battling when they smoke pot. Parents are always role models,” Kramer says. “They would do themselves and their children a great service if they found ways of coping with their anxiety or depression [by] overeating or using drugs or drinking alcohol, [which] can feel good at first, but when used to cover up a painful feeling, makes us feel out of control when we become dependent on it.”

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