Helen Kramer Quoted in Reader's Digest - Ways to Remind Yourself That You’re Worthy

From pets to poppies to Post-It notes, you're surrounded by signs that you're worthy of love, success, and happiness. The trick is learning to see them.

Meditate on your happy place


Quick, what was your favorite place when you were a child? Whether it was a cozy book nook with all your favorite stuffed animals, a field of wildflowers near your home, or some other special spot, you can use that memory to help you regain your sense of worthiness, suggests Helen Kramer, an author and therapist. "Picture a place that you love and know well, taking time to notice every detail from the sun to the feel of the grass," she says. "Allow yourself to gently breathe in the wonderful, peaceful energy and you'll find yourself filled with a sense of well-being." Repeat this five-minute meditation every time you need a reminder. 

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