How to Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Our brains evolved so that we would have an instantaneous response to danger and that is how our species survived. But how often have you actually been in a life-threatening situation? Isn’t stress a more prevalent experience for you? The problem is that your brain hasn’t evolved to tell the difference between stress and mortal danger and so when you are stressed the signals are often hijacked by the reactive fight/fight/freeze part of your brain. This is the part of the brain that is most active when we are infants and children before our cognitive skills aren’t fully developed. I call this Emotional Dyslexia because when stress signals go to the fear part of the brain you always have a reaction that’s the opposite of what you need. Think about it how could it be otherwise when you are reacting from the part of the brain that you use when you were a young, vulnerable, helpless child? Until recently neuroscience did not understand that so much of our so-called psychological behavior was really driven by our physiology. Emotional dyslexia is as physical problem in the brain as is the learning disability dyslexia that may cause people to write letters backwards. You have also been raised in a culture that had very little understanding about how the brain actually works. The brain is a reflexive organ designed to conserve energy by doing the same thing over and over again. To understand a reflex, remember when the doctor hit you under your knee with the rubber hammer and your leg jumped up. You wouldn’t associate great wisdom with this reflex and I want you to know that when your brain is stressed and reflexively repeating patterns it isn’t wise either. It automatically repeats patterns that got hardwired in when you were very young. You were raised in a culture that worships human brain power because until recently neuroscientists didn’t understand how involuntary and automatic these responses are. Your brain is wired to automatically repeat over and over again the fearful thoughts and distortions about yourself that got hardwired in when you were very young. This may have led you to have low self-esteem or caused you to develop addictive, obsessive or compulsive behavior. When the fear part of your brain is triggered you may over-react feeling out-of-control or disempowered because you can’t seem to stop these reactions. No one told you that in reality you’re not doing this-just like when the doctor hits you with the rubber hammer under your knee you’re not willfully making your leg fly up. Your brain is designed to conserve energy and it does this by automatically repeating patterns that got hardwired in early in life. It is important that you stop blaming yourself for the fact that your brain evolved to tell the difference be danger. With new technology neuroscience has a better understanding of the brain and we now know that the brain can change in form and function for the rest of your life. To evolve your brain you can rewire it by replacing any behavior that isn’t working for you with one that is more fulfilling. In the late 1980s I developed a system for myself and for my clients that will allow you to identify when you are reacting with fear instead of using your highest resources to cope with stress. The first step in this system is to recognize when you are feeling any intensity or sense of drama. You need to ask yourself "is someone holding a gun to my head?" "Am I in mortal danger?" If the answer to these questions is "no,” then it is likely that your brain has sent a stress signal to the fear centers in your brain and you are getting a response that is reflexive. Remember reflexes have no wisdom and so you need to STOP because no matter how anxious or upset you are feeling, in reality you are not in danger and don’t want to react with the brainpower you had when you were a very young child. I know it’s confusing because you actually feel upset, anxious, angry or hopeless in your body. You didn’t know that when the fear part of your brain is triggered it causes all kinds of chemical reactions to occur that can dramatically change the way you feel because you are triggered into fear and trauma from childhood. The reactions you are having no matter how painful and intense they are usually have nothing to do with objective reality. You can then begin to REVIEW your circumstances, 1st take some nice easy breaths and look around you and see that you are safe. Don’t be upset with yourself your brain is a reflexive organ and just like you will automatically have your leg fly up when the doctor hits you with that rubber hammer under your knee you will automatically have a fear response when you attain a certain threshold of stress. Being upset with yourself only increases your stress. You can actually thank your brain for trying to protect you and reassure your brain that you don’t need protection because you’re not in any mortal danger. Now you want to be able to REPLACE your fear response with one that reflects you are now as an adult and truly being the here and now. For example, if you were using the word “overwhelmed,” which is melodramatic, because no matter how many things on your plate, you are not threatened by a tsunami. How about replacing all this fear with some compassion that you have so much to do? You probably didn’t know that when you feel compassion you are actually turning off the fear centers in your brain and then you can problem solve and take care the issues that you want to. With the right emotional education you can evolve your brain and become the person you have always wanted to be. You can stop blaming yourself or describing yourself as your own worst enemy or feel that you are self sabotaging. You never wanted to suffer, overeat, feel anxious out of control or develop addictive, compulsive obsessive behaviors. Once you understand how reflexive your brain is you can see that you never deliberately caused yourself any pain. I know that as you learn to rewire your brain you can have a life that is fulfilling joyful and replace any pattern that doesn’t work for you with one that is more satisfying. I invite you to watch all the videos on my channel so that you can have more tools for transformation. I also believe that we all need support and that is why I created this channel. I would very much appreciate your feedback and I am available in any way I can be to support you. If there is any way that I can for you on this journey, please feel free to contact me at here.

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