Rewire Your Brain and Attract More Love into Your Life


Here is the link to my YouTube video which explains how you can rewire your brain and bring more love into your life  It is my hope that  you will subscribe to my YouTube channel and read my blogs so that we can supportive community creating greater well-being for us all. Why do we have difficulty attracting the right people into our lives? Early in life our brains form patterns based on what we are experiencing. In infancy, when we hear language spoken our brains form "attractor neurons" allowing us to pick out and re-create the sounds that are specific to our native language. Think of them as stealth missiles that allow us to hone in on what we need. But what most people don't know is that we also form attractor neurons for relationships that are based on the relationships we had with our parents. These neurons get hardwired and determine who we recognize as potential candidates for relationships. We end up being attracted to people whose brains matchup with the patterns we experienced early in life.

Essentially when we are developing important relationships our attractor neurons are controlling our behavior and we don’t know that this is happening. I want to reinforce this so that you don’t blame yourself for picking people that have caused you pain in your life. It’s as if your brain was telling you that you either have a relationship with someone with this pattern or you will be alone. I want you to understand that every behavior has a positive intent but not necessarily a positive outcome. If you have painful patterns in your relationships it’s not your fault, you didn’t choose to hardwire in attractor neurons that would direct you to people that couldn’t satisfy you. In addition, you probably didn’t know that our brains can read each other’s brains in a millisecond a kind of “brain to brain communication.” So, you might meet someone who seems to really appreciate who you are, not at all like your mother, who never seemed to notice you at all. You feel like you died and went to heaven because this is what you have always wanted. And then a few months into the relationship everything seems to change. I don’t know how many times my clients would say to me, “what was I thinking? Or “How could I have been so stupid?” In reality you are not in control of what you were doing your brains survival mechanism took over. Not only are you not masochistic if you have repeated patterns of disappointing relationships but you can rewire your brain and be attracted to and attracted by people that can satisfy your needs are.

The best way to do this is through visualizations because neuroscience has taught us that the brain doesn’t know the difference between actually doing something and imagining doing it. You can sit back and relax and do a simple breathing exercise because his exercise has proven to lower your cortisol levels which is the hormone we produce when we are stressed. Is actually a good idea to do this breathing exercise of the day to enhance your sense of well-being. To do this breathing exercise sit back comfortably and put your hands on your belly and gently breathe into the count of four filling up your belly. You don’t need to use your shoulders, back or chest. When you exhale purse your lips and blow like you’re blowing out a candle nice and gently to the count of eight. If you do this exercise three or four times you will become more relaxed and then more receptive to any visualizations that you do. Now to change these attractor neurons, resurrect any pleasant memories. They could be with friends, a beloved pet or just being some place in nature and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. When you enter these memories use as many of your senses as possible. Allow yourself to receive warmth from either a person, a pet or the sun. The more you practice these visualizations the more receptive you become to actually experiencing warmth and caring in your everyday life. Experiencing yourself as being cared for will actually change your attractor neurons and they will become a new stealth missile leading you to people that are loving. Simultaneously, loving people will be attracted to you as their attractor neurons read this new brain pattern.

I know how important support has been in my own transformation and I want to support you in any way that I can. I have worked with people all over the world and can be available in person, on the phone or through Skype. Please check out my website I have written a number of blogs to give you more tools for liberation and fulfillment. Please feel free to contact me at

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