How to Heal The Hidden Cause of Emotional Pain

Early in my career I observed that when people reacted unproductively it was because they were stressed, not because they were self-defeating or masochistic. I intuited that what was happening resulted from the fact that the brain can’t distinguish stress from danger. In order for our species to survive we developed a hair-trigger response to fear because for most of our time on the planet man did live in mortal danger. Your stress signals are hijacked and the signal goes to its primitive, fight or flight center, leaving you with the brainpower you had as a helpless vulnerable child. I called this "Emotional Dyslexia" because it is a physical problem in the brain like the learning disability dyslexia.

Until recently neuroscience didn’t understand how stress signals were being hijacked and as a result you have probably been blaming yourself or been blamed by others for having reactive patterns that only cause you pain or discomfort. Not understanding this our culture judged this behavior as self-destructive or masochistic. I want you to know that this is not your fault-you are not responsible for the fact that the human brain hasn’t evolved to distinguish stress from danger. When stress signals are sent to the fight/fight/freeze part of the brain you have the brainpower of an infant or very small child. Neuroscience teaches us that what you need is a special system that will help rewire your brain so that stress signals are sent the higher centers of your brain allowing you to respond as a resourceful effective adult. My program of emotional education is an accessible system that is taught in an atmosphere of compassionate support. I taught the beginnings of this system in my book “Liberating the Adult Within.” You might also want to check out my blogs on emotional dyslexia and faulty learning (which relates to the conditioning you received from the important people in your life who also suffered from emotional dyslexia).

I call my work “emotional education,” because I use an educational rather than a pathological model. Working with countless numbers of people over the last 30 years I’ve seen that there is no pattern that can’t be transformed. There are no words to describe the gratification I feel when I can teach people to replace painful patterns with ones that are truly empowering. It would be my great pleasure to teach you the tools you need to be fulfilled in every area of your life. Feel free to contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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